Asset Insight brings
new competitiveness

You get full transparency and control over what is
valuable and unique in your business. Your business
development is coordinated with your intangible assets.

IP is about business assets, not rights

Did you know that about 50 to 90 percent of a company's market value is based on intangible assets? For a startup company or a company in the early growth stage, the figure is even higher.

Did you know that companies that invest in innovation are three times as profitable as companies that do not? Or that 50 to 80 percent of a company’s market value is based on intangible assets? For a startup company or an early growth company, the figure is even higher.

Your company creates a wealth of valuable assets

If you are curious about which assets increase your company’s value, how you can structure and control them, and above all, how you can use them to increase the value of your business, our Asset Insight™ service is the right answer.

IP is superficially called intangible assets in Swedish. It is the value created through unique know-how, technical solutions, data assets, unique design, strong brands, processes, business models and agreements. We observe that companies who continuously identify, categorize and value their IP as asset classes, accelerate their growth and profitability.

Active IP management provides better value

Just as for other highly valued assets in the company, our customers want active management of their intangible assets. This means that investment and return should go together. For this to happen, we need to know what values ​​exist in the company to be able to prioritize correctly when investing substantial financial assets in, for example, a patent.

In an active management, we continuously question whether the commercial or strategic value is substantial enough to justify continued investments in developing and maintaining the portfolio of IP assets. The approach is a prerequisite for a Return-On-Innovation® perspective on your investments in building and maintaining an IP portfolio.

Asset Insight builds valuable companies

With an Asset Insight™ analysis, you get a clear insight into what is valuable and unique to your business. We start with the existing values and how the company controls them, not what is patentable. The analysis defines concrete measures to strengthen control of the identified assets – at the right investment cost.

> Great value – high investment

> Low value – no investment

When the analysis is done, we deliver recommendations citing respective action items. For example, this may include more effective agreements, processes for handling confidentiality issues, brand building and patent applications. The IP tools we recommend depend on the value contribution for the individual asset which is linked to your short-term and long-term goals.

Always easier investment decisions

Our methodology is a work process and model that gives clear insights and recommendations to the leadership, both the management and board of directors:

  1. We identify and document all IP assets in the company in a “workshop format” and with the help of a management tool.
  2. We valuate and prioritize all the identified assets from a value contribution perspective and with a focus on controllability.
  3. We submit a recommended action plan for more profitable management of existing assets – providing better Return-On-Innovation.

Results and assessments are entered into the Asset Insight™ tool prior to the next major investment decision, or for a new review a year later. Based upon previous assessments, it becomes much easier to question new investments.