• Full control of your assets

Your company creates valuable business assets.
– Do you know them all?

If you are curious about which assets build your company’s value, how you can structure and control them and, above all, how you can use them to create greater business value, our Asset Insight service is the key.

An Asset Insight analysis gives you direct insight into what is valuable and unique to your business. We start from the values that exist and how they are controlled by the company, not what is, for example, patentable.

The analysis defines concrete actions to help you strengthen the control of the identified assets.
– at the right investment cost.

Active = profitable

As with other highly valued company assets, our customers want active management of their intangible assets. This means that investment and return should go hand in hand. For this to happen, we need to know what values exist in the company in order to be able to prioritize correctly when making major investments in, for example, a patent.

In active management, we regularly question whether the commercial or strategic value is sufficient to justify continued investment in developing and maintaining the IP portfolio. The active approach is a prerequisite for having a Return-On-Innovation® perspective on your investments in building and maintaining an IP portfolio.

Simplifying investment decisions

We recommend an action plan for more efficient and profitable management of existing assets. Results and assessments are saved in the Asset Insight tool for the next investment decision, or for a new review after one year. Based on previous assessments, it is much easier to question new investments.

  • Our methodology is a working process and model that provides clear insights and recommendations to managers, executives and boards:
  • We identify and document all IP assets in the company in a workshop format and using a management tool.
  • We assess and prioritize all identified assets from a value contribution perspective and with a focus on controllability.