• Make the right decisions, with knowledge of your environment.

Insight brings benefits

Think Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence (BI) is a combination of searching and finding different data, visualizing data and adding business analysis to help companies make better and more relevant decisions. The same with IP Intelligence, but with the important difference that we produce information based on what is hidden in databases and other sources that deal with intellectual property and rights.

IP Intelligence provides you with information that is key to shaping your strategy and making decisions.

Knowledge with benefits

Environmental analysis.

This could include identifying unknown competitors, understanding their technology and development strategy, identifying potential acquisition targets and advising on your brand position.

News review.

The primary purpose here is to find documents that question the inventiveness or novelty of your idea. In a news review, you get an up-to-date answer. Therefore, old surveys quickly lose their relevance.

Freedom To Operate (FTO).

The main purpose is to understand the conditions in different markets when you are about to launch a product in a new market or when you are in the development phase of a new product and you want to make sure you have a free hand. An FTO also has an expiry date as market conditions are constantly changing.

IP Clearance.

The aim here is to examine whether IP (patents, design protection, trademark protection) owned by others could be an obstacle to your business, for example when you want to apply for protection yourself. Here we want to minimize the risk of infringing someone else’s rights.


The aim here is to ensure the investment in and exclusivity of your patents, trademarks, designs and domain names over time. Simply keep up to date with what is happening in the market from an innovation and IP perspective.

Asset Insight.

The aim here is to create visibility and control over what is most valuable in your company. Your intangible assets. You want to know which assets build your company’s value, how you can structure and control them and, above all, how you can use them to create greater business value.

IP Intelligence provides unique business support
and supports development processes.

“Only” investigating and analyzing insights from IP sources in a start-up development project is a bit of a sub-optimization. We maximize development with strong decision support before, during and after the whole process. All the way to a relevant financial valuation and in various business negotiations.

We collect, structure and interpret data so that everyone in your team understands and gets the insight you need to drive better results and build more accurate, IP-supported strategies.