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It is about control and profitability.

Innovation and creativity are part of our daily lives. We are constantly seeing new products and services that, in different ways, affect our daily lives. Some of these innovations are taking hold and quickly becoming a natural part of our daily lives. Software, industry, medicine and communication are some examples of sectors where developments are moving fast. Whether you want to protect your brand, innovation, trade secrets or designs, we are here to help you.


For many companies, patent protection is their biggest asset. A patent is often a prerequisite for running a business in the long term.

Without relevant protection, there is a risk that competitors will quickly discover and take advantage of any benefits your innovation represents.

If you are also looking for investors, a patent is a hygiene factor that must be in place to achieve success.

How to make patents work for your business:

  • Patents to protect your financial investment in developing new technologies.
  • Patents as a tool to strengthen your market position.
  • Patents as protection against imitation.
  • Patents as a basis for licensing.
  • Patents as brand builders.

We have extensive experience in this field and will help you all the way from application to management.

Brand name

We only have to look around to understand the power of a strong brand. Many, in some cases all of our decisions to consume or choose one over the other are driven by the brand that represents the product or service in question.

The brand is, in other words, an asset that represents not only a signal value but also, in many cases, a large financial value that can be directly translated into current financial operations.

By analyzing, identifying and producing the right type of trademark protection, you ensure that your good work accumulates in your brand. This will, as a consequence, create good financial assets.

Assets that in some cases represent the majority of the actual value of the company.

We help you prepare, introduce and develop the brands you choose to bring to market.

Let your brand become a natural part of your full potential.


A product’s design is often the first thing that catches the eye (and stomach) of a potential customer. Many companies today stand out thanks to an attractive and practical design rather than technical advantages.

4 reasons for design protection

Market value
The design factor is a success factor when negotiating with investors, signing license agreements or preparing other economically based transactions.

Staying ahead of the game
By protecting the design, you prevent competitors from plagiarizing the recognition factor for a specific use.

The burden of proof
If you find yourself in a conflict with someone copying your design, it is much easier to prove that you own the design if you have a documented right.

A supplementary design application allows you to protect important design elements of your innovation.


Copyright gives creators and authors rights over their works. Copyright applies to different types of works, including literary, artistic, musical and audiovisual works. Copyright protects your creative works automatically as soon as they are created and fixed in a “sufficiently concrete form”.

This means that you do not need to apply for copyright or register your works to get protection. But you need to be aware of and protect your rights.

These rights include, among others:

  • The right to create and control the work
  • Protection against unauthorized use
  • Economic rights

By monitoring, and thus protecting your work from infringement, you secure your rights. If you also want to allow others to use or license your work under controlled conditions, there are good reasons to contact us at Bergenstråhle.