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With our subscription, nothing is left to chance. Through cooperation, services, information and training, we create the right conditions for your needs. Through a strategic partnership with tailor-made services, we create the right conditions for your needs. Instead of doing one-off, isolated activities, we ensure that your intangible assets are optimally enhanced over time.

The partnership is a long-term commitment where you can safely sit back and focus on your core business, knowing that your assets are always identified and managed in the best possible way.

Our partnerships

Depending on your ambitions, needs and situation, there are different types of subscriptions. What these three have in common is that you move from reactive, situational and unpredictable to proactive, predictable, knowing that you are developing the full value your company represents. The fact that you also get a clear financial picture of your investments in IP makes this an obvious choice for many companies.

We take a holistic approach and tailor a solution to your specific needs.


from 995 SEK/month
  • Two IP partner meetings/year
  • One workshop/year
  • One training session – Bergenstråhle Academy
  • Online access to your IP portfolio


from 19500 SEK/month
  • Four IP partner meetings/year
  • Free consultation during office hours
  • Establishing and monitoring an annual IP budget
  • Annual strategic review and management IP report
  • Two IP Intelligence licenses for business intelligence.
  • Two training sessions – Bergenstråhle Academy
  • Online access to your IP portfolio


  • Inhouse Head of IP role tailored to your short- or long-term needs.
  • The work may include a management role coordinating and driving all IP matters within your company, developing an IP strategy or function over a longer period, or coordinating specific IP functions more effectively as part of your organization.

Once you have submitted your expression of interest, we will contact you so that we can ensure needs, expectations and quality together.

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