IP-Partner is more
than holding your hand

Innovative companies often have more than three times as high
profit margin as other companies. But to achieve this level
requires a strong business plan, high continuity and a
good structure when working with intangible assets.

IP-Partner supports your business goals

When we become your IP-Partner™, visible performance improvements are created. At the same time, it becomes an impetus to work with intangible assets within your organization. This means continuously identifying, planning and executing the right IP activities to support the company’s business goals – achieving better growth and profitability.

Just as IP management should work

Just as with many other areas of your business, IP needs to be managed continuously. Only then is it possible to make important decisions at the right time, take advantage of the investments you made and also question the value of previous decisions. We know that continuity and structure are the two most important factors for succeeding in building more valuable companies.