Real-time decision support

When you want to market and sell a product in a new market or when you develop a new product, you want to know if you have free rein or if there are any obstacles that you need to deal with. With Bergenstråhle's FTO analyses, you get important, fact-based information as a basis for decisions so that you have a better chance of maximizing your investment.

The right conditions create the right decisions

Depending on your goal with the search, an FTO survey can generate a comprehensive search result. It can contain thousands of documents that need to be read through and evaluated so that we do not miss documents that could overturn your upcoming business plans. Here it sometimes happens that we "quickly educate" you and one of your colleagues in the art of interpreting patent claims and be able to quickly understand whether a specific document constitutes a threat or perhaps a business opportunity.


Searches in patent databases may need to be supplemented by looking for information elsewhere, for example in article databases where valuable information may have been published by researchers and others. We will discuss all this so that you can make a decision about what is best for you in each case.

Good things to keep in mind if you are considering doing an FTO:

  • Are you launching a new product? Always make sure that you do the FTO search at an early stage of development.
  • If you are investing significant financial resources and time in developing your new solution, be prepared that you may need to do a more comprehensive FTO investigation, which are often connected.
  • Pick the low-hanging fruit first - think about your key competitors and their technical area, and narrow the search for it.
  • Limit your search to key markets that are important to you.
  • Understand whether third party rights are "waiting" for you (therefore sometimes uncertain scope of FTO) or about to be granted (with confirmed scope).