IP process for commercial success

When we recently asked a number of companies about the most important need in their IP management, we received an unequivocal answer: "Proactive project management with advice that challenges us and leads to decisions that develop our business". It was the starting point of the IP Partner™ service.

IP Partner™ means extra high proactivity in a collaboration process where we at Bergenstråhle drive priority IP issues. We ensure to always have updated insight into your business at all times and a strong commitment to jointly set goals to facilitate IP-related decisions. Our advice helps you to see the active contribution that IP investments make to the company's business - today and tomorrow.

IP Partner™ is based on

  • Proactive project management in a cyclical IP process with clear activities that are structured according to and follow your financial year.
  • Business-oriented advice with business support activities that drive insights and create high business relevance.
  • Modular layout with selectable services that can suit everyone.
  • Broad competence support with access to a competence team including IP, law and advice for specific needs.
  • Predictable costs when IP Partner™ follows a subscription model.
  • Clear IP portfolio via a digital platform that shows portfolio, status and deadlines as well as detailed information when needed.
  • Ongoing development of the collaboration through annual review and plan with agreed improvement points.

When we at Bergenstråhle become your IP Partner™, visible performance improvements are created. The improvements will be a driving force for working with intangible assets within your organization.


Comments from our clients

The company Climeon is an IP Partner™ and decided early on to consciously and consistently develop its position from a niche player to becoming one of the technology-based owners that solves today's challenging and global climate issue.


"Together with Bergenstråhle, we have defined which assets support WHAT during the company's development and how we should always be able to support the business plan and be clear about the company's innovative edge towards our various stakeholders," says Alexandra Widelund, IP manager at Climeon.


The company Prevex is IP Partner™ and one of the leading suppliers of water traps in Europe. They have previously lacked a clear process that can help take advantage of the time and effort put into innovation and product development.

“Through IP Partner ™, we guide the power of innovation forward in a smart way, including through scheduled reconciliations every quarter and workshops with key employees as a way to raise awareness of intellectual property rights. Together with Bergenstråhle, we ensure that our ideas result in commercial success - Return-On-Innovation®, says Kenneth Forsman, Product Manager at Prevex.”