Identify business assets

About 80-90 percent of a company's market value is based on intangible assets. For a startup or a company in the early growth stage, the figure is usually even higher.


If you are curious about which assets build your company's value, how you can structure and control them and above all, how you can use them to create increased business value, our Asset Insight service is a golden key.

Your business creates valuable assets

By taking advantage of unique know-how, developing technical solutions and unique design, by building strong trademarks and creating efficient processes, smart business models and business promotion agreements and by managing important data assets, your company builds considerable value. We see that companies that continuously identify, prioritize and value their IP as an asset class, accelerate growth and profitability.


As with other highly valued assets in the company, our clients want active management of their intangible assets. This means that investment and return must cohere. For this to happen, we need to know what values exist in the company to be able to prioritize correctly in the case of major investments in, for example, a patent.

An example view of the Asset Insight dashboard.

The tool enables better analysis and much easier monitoring of intangible assets.

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Active management accelerates the value

In active management, we continuously question whether the commercial or strategic value is sufficient to justify continued investments in developing and maintaining the portfolio of IP assets. The active approach is a prerequisite for being able to have a
Return On Innovation® perspective on your investments in the building and maintenance of an IP portfolio.

Always easier investment decisions

Our methodology is a working process and model that provides clear insights and recommendations to the person in charge, management and board:

  • We identify and document all IP assets in the company in workshop format and with the help of a management tool.
  • We value and prioritize all identified assets from a value contribution perspective and with a focus on controllability.
  • We recommend an action plan for more efficient and more profitable management of existing assets - better Return-On-Innovation®.

Results and assessments are saved in the Asset Insight tool before the next major investment decision, or for a new review after one year. With support from previous assessments, it is much easier to question new investments.