Want new assets and growth?
Develop an IP strategy

A strategic approach is important, but it´s just as important with
”action”. While we help you develop an IP strategy, you get a concrete
tool that helps you realize the business plan.

4 reasons to develop a strategy for your intangible assets


  1. Intangible assets comprise about 50-80% of the company’s market value.
  2. Gain insight into and control over current assets and how they contribute to the value of your business.
  3. Draft valuable license agreements and maximize the financial return.
  4. Support the company’s growth through evident value in financial transactions.

An initial discussion with our IP experts will give you insight into how you can work strategically with your intangible assets, WHICH assets support WHAT in your development journey and how you can improve your business plan.

At a minimum, the content of the strategy can be used to make important decisions on issues such as development, marketing, collaborations and investments.

Our expert Johan Örneblad will get you started.