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Create and identify intangible assets
  • Patents
    With a granted patent, you have the exclusive right to your invention. Only you are allowed to manufacture, market and sell it unless you’ve given someone else permission.
  • Trademarks
    With trademark protection, you protect your brand from being used by others on their products and services. The registration gives you the exclusive right to use the trademark in your business activity.
  • Design
    By registering the appearance of a product, you protect your unique design from being copied and marketed by others without your permission.
  • Copyright
    A copyright cannot be registered but occurs automatically when one has created a work. In English, it is called "copyright" and it means exclusive rights to intellectual performance in various forms, as long as they are sufficiently original. Examples are music, texts, films, computer programs, building art and art of use.
  • Trade secrets
    All companies have their secrets that contribute to success. Think about what you have in the company that is unique and can be regarded as valuable business secrets. Examples of business secrets are customer records and manufacturing methods. It is important that you limit the circuit that knows these and write smart agreements about what is applicable.
Legal processes and contract-controlled services
  • Agreements
    Contracts are part of a company's intangible assets and are often a significant part of the company's value. For example, well-written and well-arranged agreements provide a great competitive advantage in collaborations, negotiations, meetings with investors and in sales and purchase situations.
  • Partnership agreements
    The purpose of a written partnership agreement is to memorialize what the parties have agreed on (what, who, when, where, how and at what price?). Oral agreements apply but make it much more difficult to prove what has been agreed, if and when it may be needed. If you need any of the above, let us help you prepare a working agreement.
  • Licensing agreements
    If you want to give selected people or companies the right to use your invention, you can prepare a licensing agreement. For example, the agreement can regulate geographical limitations and how remuneration to you should be designed and applied. Our lawyers are specialists in intellectual property rights agreements and have helped many companies earn money through good agreements.
  • Policies and Compliance
    An ever-increasing portion of corporate assets is intangible. In order to ensure profitability in your business, it is important that you, preferably at an early stage, consider how you should take care of these assets and how they can form the basis for future and continuous strategic business decisions and policies that will help you develop your business activity.
  • Disputes
    Monitoring your rights and getting compensation for any infringement is a prerequisite for protecting your innovations. Our experienced lawyers and patent consultants assist you in disputes, irrespective of whether you are exposed to infringement or accused of infringing, in Sweden or abroad. We also assist you in other business legal disputes such as breach of contract.
Valuation and commerzialization
  • Asset Insight™
    Companies that continuously identify, categorize and value their intellectual assets, accelerate growth and profitability. With Asset Insight™, we adapt the scope of the efforts that need to be made according to your company's unique situation and ambition. Technologies, brands and entire patent portfolios have a clear and proven value that can be used in your company's development and commercial transactions.
  • Market analysis
    In a market analysis, we dive deep into all "big data" that is relevant to your marketing and development ambitions. We collect, structure and interpret all data so that everyone in your team understands and gets the insight you need to be able to drive better results and build more accurate IP strategies.
  • Innovation process
    We are pioneers in profitable innovation and the creators of the Return-On-Innovation® method. We measure how successfully your company drives the process from idea to profitable innovation with IP as a value-creating and distinctive base. The dimensions of monetary returns are already well established in your business – growth and profitability. We can be part of, or your entire "Innovation Team", where we establish, operate and care for the growth process based on IP-based innovation and development.
  • Technology Assessment*
    One of the several uses for a technology evaluation is when you or a potential investor need to understand the risks and opportunities that may be associated with a transaction. An investor wants to be able to make a technical risk assessment that includes both risks and profits, not only new technologies or fields of use.
  • Business Valuation*
    For a company seeking to sell or license its technology, it is advisable to appraise and package its IP so that its value can be clearly presented. Both buyers and sellers are equally interested in the expected Return-On-Innovation®, however, for different reasons. Business valuation is about being able to balance risks against possible returns - before the deal is carried out. Our customers use our assistance to help them understand the value of their assets (value insight), and to help them communicate the value of these assets to external parties (value transparency).
  • Company Valuation (IP-based Due Diligence)*
    An IP-based DD focuses on your intangible assets and rights. It is implemented primarily in connection with an investment or acquisition to ensure that the company is well prepared and "packaged" for the purpose. The client can either be the selling party, a buyer or an investor. Through a DD, the seller gets the opportunity to structure the offer in a clear and transparent manner. This means that deficiencies or risks can be perceived and addressed before the actual process begins. It increases the likelihood that the purchase will go through and will help the seller justify the requested price. Similarly, a DD offers the buying or investing party the opportunity to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the company's offer and identify or dismiss risks that could jeopardize the transaction.
  • Risk analysis
    Our risk analysis identifies and investigates business risks related to your company's intangible assets, in general, and intellectual property rights, specifically. We understand your technology, identify legal risks and opportunities, and interpret and communicate business values to enable best actions.
  • Freedom-To-Operate (FTO)
    Are you able to sell your product or service on a specific market or is there intellectual property protection from other companies that you must take into account? A crucial prerequisite for succeeding in your business plans is to know the market that you would like to enter. With a Freedom to operate search, you get important information for your decisions and have a greater chance of receiving dividends on your investments while minimizing the risk of infringement of the rights of others.
  • Second opinion
    Do you know if your IP portfolio protects the company's business and revenue? Does the IP portfolio have all the value it could have? In a Second Opinion analysis, we tell you if, and in what way, your IP portfolio matches the company's business offer. Good opportunities to do this analysis exist for example at a product launch, after a product update or before large investments in the IP portfolio. When we present the analysis, you will also receive recommendations for possible follow-up actions.
Implementation and continuity
  • IP-Partner™
    Innovative companies often have more than three times the profit margin of other companies. However, to achieve that level, thoughtful strategies, high continuity and a good structure in your work with intangible assets are required. IP-Partner™ is about identifying, planning and performing the right IP activities to support the company's overall business goals - achieving better growth and profitability. You get full access to experienced and innovative advisors in the ongoing work without having to think about whether "it is worth asking the question".
  • IP strategy
    Do you have a business goal for your IP investments? Should they keep away competitors and secure financial margins, is it a factor in managing risk and attracting capital, or in order to enter into partnerships or license out your IP to others? Or is it a tool for creating goodwill and signaling innovation, creativity and quality? Without a clear connection to the company's business goals and strategies, the assets risk becoming legal and commercially weak. We help you develop a strategy and action plan so that your innovative products, technologies, visual elements or features, know-how, algorithms or data can be used to achieve specific business goals and give you measurable values.
  • IP administration
    Your intangible assets are valuable and need to be managed in a cost-effective manner. IP administration is about organizing and knowing one’s assets, which assets are still valuable, and which may have played out their role. Maintaining one’s rights is costly and requires knowledge to maintain cost-effectiveness. It is about taking the right decision at the right time with the right method. Here we are experts.
  • Legal advice
    Your work with the company's intangible assets and rights does not only involve registering a patent or a trademark. It is not only about ensuring that the rights are managed in a deliberate manner, both within the company and out in the market. Our experienced lawyers, engineers and business experts ensure that we understand your entire business, then we can provide sound legal advice. For example, we ensure that you maintain adequate control, help you write good agreements and structure different collaborations. Precise contracts are important in all parts of the value chain, internally in the company from the creation of rights to the production, sales and delivery.
  • Business Intelligence
    In a business environment analysis, you want to know mainly two things: how can you increase or maintain market shares and financial margins? How can you avoid unforeseen business disturbances? We focus on the most important geographic markets, looking specifically at your competitors’ IP activity – the technology areas on which they focus – and project the success of their future strategies.
  • Monitoring the competition
    Local player or international player? Whichever role you play, we will help you to anticipate industry trends and keep track of any business threats from your competitors and their IP rights. You get a strategic advantage and strong internal decision-making when we identify business risks and find new solutions for the company's innovation and development.
  • Strategic business advice
    Your business involves both risks and opportunities. We help you navigate to the best decisions that will give you the best business results. We create policies for your internal innovation processes, decide which markets should be prioritized and prepare budgets that facilitate your own work on resource planning and marketing activities.
  • Advisory board
    Having Bergenstråhle & Partners on the Advisory Board means that you get expert legal, technical and direct business support on utilizing the company's innovation capability. We contribute our extensive insights and experiences regarding strategic management of IP, smart application of policies and business-related use of the company's intangible assets and rights.
  • Engage a consultant (patent attorney, lawyer, IP administrator etc.)
    Some of our clients have their own effective innovation processes and manage their IP continuously and commercially. But with the high pace of innovation and competitors constantly on the move, it can be a good idea to engage an expert consultant from us. Our training is always up-to-date in intellectual property law, jurisprudence, various technology and industry areas, as well as in smart business development. For example, we can help you with daily management, registration issues, usage issues and coordination of different types of IP protection.