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Creating value with trademark management

When establishing your branding and ensuring the protection of your brand, you almost always deal with legal issues and situations. Protecting your product or business brand is a fundamental aspect of your market presence. So, from the very beginning of your business journey, you should create a plan for protecting and maintaining your intangible assets and rights (IP), including trademarks, copyright, patents, design, contracts, business models or whatever might be the assets that represents a great value to your business.

IP-administration – förmågan att hantera lika många regler som undantag

När jag frågar kollegor eller andra i branschen vad det är de tycker är roligast i rollen som IP-administratör och hur det kommer sig att man blir kvar länge i rollen, får jag oftast svaret att det är för att det är ett så varierande arbete. Du blir aldrig riktigt fullärd. När du precis har fått koll på alla regler, lagar och tidsfrister runt om i världen så är det något land eller region som gör en förändring och det blir en massa nytt att förhålla sig till och anpassa sig efter.

Are you filing trademarks in the US legally?

In recent months the USPTO has become concerned about a substantial increase in the number of improper filings of trademark applications which include inaccurate and possibly fraudulent claims of use of the mark. An increasing number of applicants fail to fulfill their legal and ethical obligation to file accurately and in good faith, especially with regard to the claims that the mark is used in commerce.

Att leda ett (bo)lag till framgång

Hur tänker och arbetar ledare inom idrotten och näringslivet för att nå extra bra resultat? Finns det några grundläggande principer som alltid fungerar? Vi på Bergenstråhle & Partners funderar en hel del på vad bra ledarskap är och hur vi själva kan bli bättre på att motivera, utveckla och leda oss själva i vårt (bo)lag.
Legal smartness

To sample or not to sample?

A good thing about my 20-minutes long morning commute to the office is that this is a 20-minutes long, uninterrupted music session for me. When I was listening to Veronica Maggio this morning (I know, this is my guilty pleasure), my IP-tuned mind immediately started to boil up around the idea of how much of the music I hear is actually an original creation? Also around how much of the music that is licensed in the best case scenario (“borrowed” in the more down to earth scenario)?

When an underdog successfully encounters a giant in intellectual property disputes

McDonald´s “new” competitor is the Irish fast food chain Supermac´s, having approximately + 3000 employees, in contrast to MacDonald’s ~ 235,000. This case is a great example of when an underdog successfully encounters a giant in intellectual property disputes.

The other price of committing patent infringement we usually do not talk about

If you are protective of your trade information in respect of your competitors, this recent case gives both parties of a patent dispute guidance of intellectual property strategies to achieve Return-On-Innovation.

Failing to seek priority to two previous patent applications – Resulted in failing on creating return on inhouse innovation

Let´s get technical with (partial) priorities. The novelty criteria are one of a patent’s most fragile “Achilles-heel” in court. To be granted patent protection, the applicant needs to illustrate that the invention is industrial applicable, non-obvious and new.

Why should intellectual property be considered in Swedish public procurements?

In a recent case in December 2017 the Swedish patent and market district court gave 200 million SEK (Around 20 million Euro) reasons of why companies offering services for the public sector should care about Swedish patent rights.

Hur blir ditt bolag en del av den positiva IP-trenden?

Innovation bevisas ofta genom de immateriella tillgångar som skapas för att kontrollera, hantera och värdera innovationerna. Här berättar vi om den färska rapport som EPO och EUIPO publicerat och som visar att 45% av EU:s totala BNP (6.6 miljarder euro) genereras av IPR-intensiva företag.

Can the accounting of intangible assets help to tell the story and future of a digital tech company?

Spring 2017, software platform company disrupting a traditional high yield industry through the combination of user generated content, B2B - C2C tech platform and a shared-economy worldwide scalable business model in the mist of B-round with the promise of IPO in 8 to 12 months.

The role of Business Control in executing on the promises of Digital Transformation

While the role of the CIO to execute the technical enablers and supporting process of a digital transformation is fundamental and clear, the role of finance and, especially business control is decisive to A) certify that those technical enablers do deliver on the promises of the business disruption that digital transformation promises and B) turn those enablers, and the benefits generated by those, into business levers.

Intellectual Property Rights: The digital vehicle to packetise and digitally distribute knowledge intensive products?

Sara Amorós indicates in her research paper “The hidden costs of R&D collaboration” that “We find that the firm’s probability to do R&D or to introduce an innovation increases with the level of productivity, but only when this activity is shared with a research partner.

Digital Transformation Accelerates the need for Innovation

While Innovation is in most companies agenda, the disruptions and transformation in business processes and models enabled by digital technologies should bring innovation, and specially corporate venturing as tool to contribute to its management, to the top 3 strategic topics of the board and management team.

Asset Exploration workshop

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