Best way for your patent
to reach other countries

We take care of your PCT completion in a cost-effective and automated process.

A smart process streamlines your national applications

When you let us at Bergenstråhle handle the national completion of your PCT application, you end up in our "fast lane". We are accelerating an efficient and fully digitalized process that saves precious time and reduces your costs.

Reasons to choose our process:

  • COST. Our process is completely digital and it saves a lot of time. You get access to our pre-negotiated volume discounts and save 30-50% (in terms of experience) of a normal cost for a follow-up process.
  • OFFER DIRECTLY. All we need is your PCT application number and information of which countries you want to complete in. Within 12 hours you will receive a complete cost proposal.
  • TIME TO COMPARE. Our prices are guaranteed for 28 days from the time you received our quote*.
  • QUALITY ASSURED PROCESS. National patent attorneys are selected by quality and experience and are reviewed on a number of occasions each year. All documentation in our process is prepared and adapted to keep pace in the process without losing quality.

* Assuming it´s still at least two months until the official deadline of completion.

We streamline traditional working models

Completing a PCT application is often the largest individual investment made in the patent application process. The process often tends to be unnecessarily expensive due to many administrative steps and all the coordination traditionally done. We have caught on this as we offer our cost-effective and digitized completion process. We know that our customers save 30-50% by utilizing our process, which is money that can be invested in the business where they create more benefits, for example in qualified advice leading to commercially and strategically strong IP and well-informed decision-making, simply better Return On Innovation on your company’s investments in IP.

Contact us and we will start your most effective PCT completion!