Legal Partner is your
digital contract expert

You don´t need several employees and a law firm
to work effectively with your important business deals.

Work smart with legal issues

At the present time, does your company also have a collage of legal agreements, clauses and boilerplate language? Then you expose yourself to unnecessary risk situations that can easily be avoided and replaced by Legal Partner™ , a smart, digital and fully scalable business management system that the company can grow with.

Contract management that supports sales

With Legal Partner™, the agreements are tailored to your business situations and are quickly available so that you can keep up the pace of your business relationships. And when you have a look at your contract costs, you can easily include them into your budget and quotation work.

A good business agreement is a valuable asset

In today’s business world, intangible assets account for the lion’s share of a company’s total value. Business-related and up-to-date contracts can be a large part of these assets, without your knowledge.

Focus on your growth

Legal Partner™ combines digital agreements with personal expert advice. Through personal expert advice, we help to manage specific contractual needs while ensuring the scalability of your legally based business.

The contract platform follows your growth

With Legal Partner™ you easily scale up your contract management as your business develops, changes and grows. You get an in-house function that supports and drives the management  and enforcement/implementation of contracts. This will result in increased efficiency and value instead of the unnecessarily expensive traditional contract management.

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