Legal Actions leads you past
obstacles along the way

Publicizing the company's intellectual property and rights attracts curiosity and interest from competitors.

We defend your rights

Juridiska aspekter avgör ofta vilken Return-On-Innovation® ditt företag uppnår. En viktig uppgift i innovativa företag blir därför att ha kontroll över affärsrelationer och immateriella tillgångar och rättigheter om det skulle uppstå situationer när dina rättigheter ifrågasätts.

Legal issues often determine your company’s  Return-On-Innovation®. An important task in innovative companies is therefore to maintain control over business relations and intangible assets and rights, should situations arise when your rights are put into question.

Avoiding litigation in court

Getting into a trial is nothing to strive for. A good alternative to a trial process is to try to reach a settlement and open up common business opportunities. We are experts in negotiating license agreements and various transactions instead of wasting time on protracted and costly processes. This way you can devote yourself to keeping the company’s development process running.

An international commitment

There are relatively few patent disputes in Sweden. But when they happen, we often represent one of the parties. With our extensive experience, we also coordinate and lead legal processes outside Sweden’s borders. The litigation is usually led by us and is run by local litigation lawyers in respective country.

Secure your position in advance

An important mark of your position is to always act proactively, whether it is to defend yourself against an attack or proceed with your own attack. As you guard your rights and prevent any intrusions, you also contribute to securing the value of your innovations. You monitor what your competitors are doing and do not hesitate to act if your rights are infringed.

Ready for the court?

As a customer of Bergenstråhle & Partners, we ensure that both you and we are well prepared if, for example, an infringement situation appears. This may involve the discovery of important documents in a foreign market, producing so-called claim charts that show infringement for use in a first letter of demand or even identifying companies that may be suitable for a license campaign. These are just a few of the actions that we prepare and that enable us to act quickly and efficiently.