We put you in the driver's seat

With IPR Control you take control of documents, content and deadlines - in real-time.

Take control of your IP portfolio

IPR Control* is a web-based management tool which gives you control over your patent, design and trademark applications. You keep track of important deadlines and correspondence. All data is available in real-time.

Do you control your IP portfolio today?

To make sensible judgments about which parts of your portfolio of intangible assets that are profitable, support your business plan and strengthen your user rights, you first need to know what you have. With the facts on the table, you can then analyze whether your rights match current market conditions, if they protect an outdated technology that is not used, if the company’s vision points one way and your IP to another. With constantly updated insight, the answers are always close at hand.

*IPR Control from CPA Global

Which IP contributes best to your business?

We know that intangible assets and rights are valuable. So valuable that innovative companies use the assets to prove great business values ​​that can be used in business transactions in pursuit of higher profitability – to build a more valuable company.

If you are going to acquire, invest in and pay fees for IP rights, you want to make sure that they are relevant to your own company, right now or later on. Because who wants to build a costly portfolio of assets that cannot deliver Return-On-Innovation®?

Control, manage and decide

No more IP documents via E-mail

With the help of IPR Control, you always have updated status on your own patent, design and trademark applications. You keep track of deadlines and correspondence, which often makes or breaks the validity of an immaterial property right. Here you can interact directly with the database and compile information about your various cases that you have together with us at Bergenstråhle. If you encounter problems, you will get help from our knowledgeable IP administrators.

This is what you can do in IPR Control:

  • Follow and assess the IP portfolio based on country, type of protection and product category.
  • Get constantly updated information on treatment stages and deadlines.
  • Predict and supervise costs.
  • Produce cost estimates for budgeting.
  • Have access to a free customer service.

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IPR Control, a part of IP Partner

IP Partner is Bergenstråhle’s unique collaboration concept that guarantees high continuity and unbeatable structure and precision in the valuable work with intangible assets. In an IP Partnership, both the drive and ability to work with intangible assets within your organization increases. It’s all about continuously identifying, analyzing, planning and executing the right IP activities that support the company’s business goals.

As with many other parts of the company’s operations, IP needs to be managed continuously. Only then will you get the right timing in important decisions that you need to make, get benefit from investments made and to question the value of previous decisions. IPR Control can be used as a separate IP administrative service within or alongside the more comprehensive IP Partner collaboration concept.

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