We protect your business

Everyone needs strategic advice. Well-founded strategic advice is often what separates different successes. Our advice helps you make decisions in demanding business situations, the ones you have in your lap right now and the ones you have ahead of you. In our dynamic IP consulting, you will experience a clear anchoring in your business plans. It is advice that helps to drive change and innovation, support growth opportunities and reduce business risks.

Communication and transparency

We are responsive and open to the fact that the needs of the market and our knowledge of the IP landscape can sometimes drive technological development in directions we could not have foreseen. When we perceive it's about to happen, we'll talk to you about it.


We care as much about protecting your current and future business as we do about protecting an individual technology or invention. We always shed light on IP issues and technology in relation to market conditions and your desired position and profitability. Our strategic advice helps your company do the right business.