Return On Innovation® is the business community's new KPI

Building IP portfolios and working with intellectual property and assets is always a financial investment for your company. In order for the investment not to stop at a cost item, we create insights about potential development and guide towards the direction that supports a company's growth. We do this with the support of our unique insights and with the result that our clients increase the value of their business
- they get more Return On Innovation®

What is included in our ROI workshop™?

When you participate in our ROI workshop™ we sort up and create an understandable structure around the business benefits of IP, we show how to make rights and assets visible so that they can be communicated, followed up and developed, we show how you set goals and KPIs: on your IP that supports and directly matches the company's business goals, and we explain how your company measures its value based on the most important building blocks - your IP.