With IPR Control, you take control of documents, content and deadlines - in real time.

We provide a dedicated Bergenstråhle team that works in an efficient process and are experts in coordinating and managing the company's IP portfolio.

Do you have control over your IP portfolio today?

In order to make sensible assessments of which parts of your portfolio of intangible assets are profitable, support your business plan and strengthen your user rights, you first need to know what you have. With facts on the table, you can then analyze whether your rights match current market conditions, whether they protect an obsolete technology that is not being used, whether the company's vision points in one direction and your IP in another. With constantly updated insight, the answers are always close at hand.

Which IP contributes best to your business?

We know that intangible assets and rights are valuable. So valuable that innovative companies use the assets to prove strong business values ​​that can be used in business transactions in the pursuit of higher profitability - to build a more valuable company.


If you are going to acquire, invest in and pay fees for IP rights, you want to make sure that they are relevant to your own company, now or later. For who builds a costly portfolio of assets that cannot deliver Return On Innovation®?