You strengthen the whole company

Investments in intellectual property rights and assets are characterized by innovative power, business development, risk management and opportunities for strategic collaborations and commercialization. Here at Bergenstråhle, we offer both general and directly customized IP training for different departments and at different types of needs at your company.

Areas where our IP educations are very useful

  • For Management/Finance, for IP value creation, business integration and investment strategies.
  • For IP departments/Legal, for IP best management and practice. This includes dealing with upcoming changes in the IP system.
  • For Sales, IP management in client relationships and identification of infringement and copying.
  • For Product Development/R&D, manage results of development, create efficiency in processes and create IP and assess patents/risk from third parties.
  • For Marketing. IP's role in the company's branding work. External communication of IP position and value. Communication of IP for listed companies.