4 strong reasons for an IP strategy

When we help you create a strategy for managing your intellectual property rights, a so-called IP strategy, you get a concrete tool that directly supports the company's business plan. It helps you reach your business goals. We help you get started.


Managing IP is never a completed job. New priorities and changing circumstances make it important to constantly check that your chosen strategy does not run counter to the company's business ambitions. Here are some important reasons to create and constantly review your IP strategy:

  • Intangible assets may constitute 80-90% of a company's market value.
  • You want to understand and control how intangible assets affect the value of your business.
  • You want to enter into value-based collaborations that maximize your financial return.
  • You want to support the company's growth by clarifying the value of your intangible assets in financial transactions.

We match the right IP issues with the right development phase

A first discussion with our experts gives you knowledge about how you can work strategically with your intangible assets, HOW you can protect the assets, WHICH assets support WHAT in your growth journey and you can plan how you can strengthen your business plan. The content of the strategy can be used to make important decisions on issues such as development, marketing, partnerships and investments.

Companies in early development phase

There is a clear need to identify IP rights and assets that support various desired development opportunities. At this early stage, you want to define what you will be known for and you want to know if what you create is unique.

Companies in clear growth phase

In a growth phase, a concrete use of the company's intangible assets is a strong competitive advantage. Here you want to understand which you should best cooperate with and which markets you should prioritize, both from a financial and a competitive perspective.

Established companies with a strong market presence

With a clear market establishment, the company will want to commercialize the IP created to the greatest extent possible, for as long as possible. It may be relevant to understand what your products, services or the entire company is worth.