Important insights into business decisions

IP Clearance is a survey where we find out whether IP (patents, design protection, trademark protection) owned by others can be an obstacle for your company, for example when you yourself intend to apply for protection. We simply eliminate the risk of someone else's rights being infringed.


There are several different types of surveys that are often called different things, having slightly different tasks and are carried out to different extents. Talk to us first and we will make sure to invest in the survey that helps you best in your specific question.


An integral part of your business planning

IP clearance should preferably be an integral part of your business planning. In many cases, it can be about simple checks of your desired names of trademark in trademark databases before choosing a name to register.


In other situations, the clearance process itself may involve performing a comprehensive patent application and associated analysis of the result before the company will create a completely new product range.

Minimize your business risks

The IP clearance process checks whether IP owned by others can be an obstacle to your business ambitions. IP clearance is a very good way to minimize business risks.