What you see and realize you can influence

In our IP analyses, we delve into "big data" that is relevant to your marketing, technology and business development ambitions. We collect, structure and interpret all data so that everyone in your team understands and gains the insight you need to be able to drive better results and build more accurate IP strategies.


The analysis:

  • Sees and interprets the value of your IP position.
  • Identifies unknown competitors and their technology.
  • Identifies potential targets for acquisition.

What do you want your analysis to show?

When you develop ideas, technology and hopefully innovations, a basic prerequisite for commercial success is to have a good knowledge of the world around you. Bergenstråhle has expert expertise in various types of searches in patent and literature databases. Both of these are important, for example in connection with the evaluation and positioning of a potential patent application or for various types of strategic analyses.

There are several different types of purposes for searches and at the same time different analyses. Some examples are Asset Insight analyses where we identify, map and prioritize all intangible assets, patentability analysis, various technical overviews and FTO analyses.