Strengthen your market position through increased IP activity

Invention Harvesting with Bergenstråhle as facilitator strengthens your market position by creating increased IP activity.

Challenge the Status Quo

With Invention Harvesting, we challenge the current situation and give the company increased insight into how to think to become aware of inventions that can be protected, that can contribute to the company's development. The forms of protection often include patents, trade secrets and design protection, but other forms of protection may also be considered.


As a facilitator, we ask questions that carve out the potential for new inventions; what problem did you try to solve when you created a product? What challenges did you encounter when you developed the product and how did you deal with them? What features of a product are not found in competing products and what technical details make a product work better than other solutions? When the invention is a system solution, we also ask questions about innovative management of input and output data to the system.