Buliding relationships and business with IP Law

In pursuit of better profitability, we use law as a tool to be able to give you control over business relationships and intellectual property assets. The law also sharpens the conditions that lead you to better business.

Stronger business relationships and business conditions

When your company invests in proprietary development work on products, services and business models, you will increase your competitiveness if we at the same time help you identify and create intellectual property assets. They become a valuable proof of the company's innovative capacity. Typical assets that can be created are trademarks, design protections, patents and trade secrets. The demand for our legal advice in this context is increasing and we can help you:


  • Bet on the right horses.
  • Develop your intellectual property assets into business tools in marketing initiatives and business plans.
  • Build a strong portfolio of your assets and support the development of your products and offers.
  • Manage the assets with the aim that they will continue to add value as the company grows and develops.

Agreements manage a large part of the company's value

Agreements are an important part of your company's intangible assets. In principle, all agreements manage IP in some way, or should, as most companies' most valuable products, services and assets are wholly or partly intangible.


Agreements should not be purchased as a "template" because functioning agreements reflect the parties' special and current situation and manage various conditions that are important for the cooperation and goals of the agreement to be fulfilled.

Experienced handling of disputes

To end up in a trial is not something to strive for. In many cases, the goal may instead be to reach a settlement and even open up for common business opportunities. We are experts in negotiating profitable terms for collaborations, smart licensing agreements and all types of business transactions where your intellectual property assets are in focus.

Typical dispute situations

With a well-balanced IP protection in relation to your commercial focus, you as a company are usually well equipped to handle a dispute. If you end up in a dispute situation, we make sure that you can act proactively, regardless of whether it is a matter of defending yourself against an attack or going to your own attack and marking your position.


Dispute situations may, for example, concern infringement of rights or revocation/invalidation of Patents, Trademarks, Design and Company Names. This may also apply to copyright infringement such as design/applied art; attacks on trade secrets; cancellation of domain name registrations; contract disputes or disputes under the Marketing Act.


By monitoring your own rights and the activities of your biggest competitors, you work proactively to secure the value of your innovations. When needed, we coordinate and lead processes outside Sweden's borders.