An experienced IP pioneer

Bergenstråhle was founded back in 1934 and today we are a pioneer in the field of intellectual property law. We are a full-service agency and advisor that helps our clients identify and create intangible assets, manage intellectual property portfolios and commercialize assets and rights. Above all, we are pioneers when it comes to adding business value through strategies and processes that enable Return On Innovation®.

The best IP advice in the business

Bergenstråhle & Partners is experiencing strong growth. Many companies want to work with their IP in forward-looking processes and where they experience advice that can guide them towards a continuously increasing business value.


Managing intangible assets and intellectual property rights is complex. Today, we are morfe than 60 consultants in a good mix of technology and patent experts, lawyers, business advisors and valuation experts who work in teams and deliver the market's best IP services and IP processes. We are established with offices in Gothenburg, Jönköping, Linköping, Värnamo, Skellefteå and Stockholm - hotspots for technology and entrepreneurship.

Bergenstråhle will give your business Return On Innovation®

Return On Innovation® is our brand promise and at the same time a complete business process in our IP Partnerships that makes it possible to measure the return on your investments in IP. The process guides the company's IP activities through unique insights and business development elements.


The ROI process always has:

  • An investment perspective on the management of your IP assets.
  • IP Advice with high business relevance so that you can make better informed decisions.
  • A value chain based on continuous business benefits with IP.