Good design is an indication
for market leaders

We humans tend to prefer carefully designed products, both private and
professional. Good design opens new doors for sales and collaboration.
Design is fun!

Good design is worth a good design protection

With a patent, you can protect innovations that solve a technical problem. However, it may well be that the main focus of your innovation is not on the technology but on the appearance and design of the product.

4 strong reasons for design protection

THE MARKET VALUE. Good design often means good sales. The design factor can also be successful when negotiating with investors, signing license agreements or preparing other financially based transactions.

THE BRAND. Good design is often an indication for market leaders. We humans usually like carefully designed products and we also like to showcase them, both private and professional.

THE BURDEN OF PROOF. If you end up in conflict with someone who copies your design, it is much easier to prove that you own the design if you have a documented right therefore.

THE SUPPLEMENT. With a patent, you can protect your innovations that solve a technical problem. But a supplementary design application, allows you to protect important design elements in your innovation.

Criteria for design protection

You have probably invested a lot of time and money in developing your unique design. A registered design protection gives you a documented protection for the design for a maximum period of 25 years. Your design will result in a product or part of a product – an industrial or crafted item. Here are the most important criteria that must be fulfilled:

NEW. Your unique design may not already have been made publicly available. Your design is not considered publicly available if professionals in the product area are probably not aware of that the design being made public. If the design has been shown, there are certain deadlines within which you can still apply for protection!

FEATURE. Your design must be able to exhibit sufficiently distinctive features and characteristics compared to what is previously known.

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What can be protected?

When deciding to protect a specific design, it is important to thoroughly go through how this can be done in the best way. The formulation of your design application affects the extent to which the protection can obtain. Consider which are the most important design elements and how they can best be protected. We are experts on such questions!

Several countries have special requirements for plans and views of product and design. If you are not familiar how to handle these requirements, it can cause obstacles already in the application process.

Examples of protection options:

  • The appearance of a product or part of a product, when it differs significantly from what is previously known and is not too simple (banal).
  • Packaging, so-called equipment tags, graphic symbols, fonts, computer symbols, a special layout and web design.
  • 3-dimensional objects, product series, outfit, decor and ornament.

A design registration is generally valid for 5 years at a time and can be renewed in new five-year periods up to a total of 25 years.

Obvious advantages of design protection

It is becoming more and more common that the appearance of the products or marketing is a crucial competitive factor. A design strategy aims to secure and control the great value that lies in your exclusive right to unique design of products and to other graphic expressions that are representative of your business.

Why a design protection strategy?

  • You can more easily take actions against unauthorized copies that utilize your design.
  • You decide where the design protection should apply. For example, the entire EU, USA and China?
  • Design protection will increase the value of your product and help you build markets.
  • Design protection will increase the value of your business and make it more visible to potential investors.
  • Your right to the design gives you a good starting point when entering into sales and licensing agreements.
  • If your company apply for financing, for example development costs, the design protection can be a deciding factor.
  • The cost of design protection is relatively low.
  • You can register your design in the EU up to 12 months after the design has been published.