Use the value in your
intangible assets

We have carried out a large number of IP valuations for
innovative companies. With a proven value, companies
can do more profitable business.

We value IP as a financial asset

Companies that invest in innovation are on average three times more profitable than others. Innovation and renewal are therefore important business objectives. The innovative companies have large financial values in intangible assets that sometimes or regularly need to be evaluated based on specific situations, for example, when valuing a company, acquiring a business, divesting an innovation portfolio, or licensing or selling a specific right.

A strong valuation model

Businesses, from startups to global industries, need guidance and concrete evidence that defines and proves the financial value of assets. Bergenstråhle is an experienced adviser and a good partner for defining and developing a communicable valuation basis. Our valuation model has been confirmed by many negotiations and acquisitions, by auditors and managements and also investment companies.

Our customers want us to help them answer two questions:

1. What is the financial value of my assets (value insight)?

2. How do I get value from external parties (value transparency)?

Our customers’ valuation needs

Finally, we highlight specific situations where a valuation of intangible assets has given our customers a strong negotiating position:

  • Company A would license out intangible assets to a partner company and needed to understand potential future royalties.
  • Company B needed a financial decision basis for a 3-year business plan. The purpose was to assess whether the return on planned investment in intangible assets was sufficient.
  • Company C needed a strong negotiating position to discuss the terms, requirement and equities in connection with an imminent investment.
  • Company D conducted a company valuation with the help of its financial consultant. As experts in business support IP, we were commissioned to deliver the valuation of the intangible assets as an important part of the entire company valuation.

Contact us and we will help you make a relevant valuation.