Growth. Driven by innovation

We don´t claim to be experts in business development and innovation, but our customers are.
We know how to identify and activate the values created by the force of innovation.

Adding business value through IP

Bergenstråhle has been a pioneer in the IP area ever since its inception in 1934. Today, we are forerunners in delivering business value through IP and the only IP consultant with a commercial strategy to enable Return-On-Innovation®. We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Linköping, Skellefteå and Värnamo– major Swedish hotspots for technology and entrepreneurship.

You will always want Return-On-Innovation®

A look back to 1934 shows that the development of what is highly valued has transitioned from streamlining production in early industrialism, to information technology, since with the aid of IT we started automating most things. This created a host of new innovations. Today, we can convert invisible data into measurable value, which is advantageously used in connection with transactions, collaborations and investment situations.

Today’s digitized and instantaneous spread of ideas and knowledge makes it more important than ever to manage and protect what makes your business unique and valuable. Products and services that are used in the same way as they have always been used, can nowadays also be launched and internationalized in one go. And corporate brands are often valued according to how fast, efficiently and on-target they perform.

Identify, structure, prioritize –act!

Taking a holistic approach to your intellectual capital has never been more important. We have developed completely unique methods that help our customers succeed in their developmental journey. We have gathered these methods under the term Return-On-Innovation®.

Return-On-Innovation® is a process where the management of intangible assets is aimed at building up substantial economic values in the company. In this process, we identify assets and structure and prioritize what can be difficult to understand. We support the company’s business processes and reduce business risks that may be linked to missing or insufficient business contracts.

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